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Die Firma PC-KFZ-Vermittlung-NN wurde 1988 gegr�>

Stand: 27.12.2014 
Autoabholung in USA, Pickup mit Auflieger für ein Auto. 2001 Harley Davidson Road King tan
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INTRO from UScarsvonNN

We provide for you, the
connection between USA
and Germany, we deliver
New and
used, each
car is checked in USA
and only then shipped.
Here duty paid by us and
taxed to the extent of conversion
required by
§21 (german regulations).
auses, possibly with
oldtimer opinion, incl.
transfer travel and
German papers by
day admission. Every-

thing from a single source.

from UScarsvonNN
(CEO) Dipl. Ing.
NORBERT Neumann sen.
kostenlose counter
km / meilen  
Live to Ride 
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1966 Ford Mustang Coupe 289 von UScarsvonNN Norbert Neumann sen. by driving a car to his new owner.  English Side from UScarsvonNN
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Jeep V6 Limited Edition von UScarsvonNN

Our UScars + USbikes come
normally from the sunny South
states, then they know no
Salt and
only little rain.
are optimal conditions.

Import of all cars from USA (UScars):
Chevrolet, Chrysler,
Dodge, Jeep, Cadillac,
Lincoln, Plymouth,
Mercury and etc.
preferably at the Bikes
Harley Davidson

Mercedes, BMW,
VW, Ford and

FORD MUSTANG GT - V8 - Sound geh�zu diesem Modell Rüsselsheim near Frankfurt/Main in Germany:
So erreichen Sie uns über Google-Map
 Unsere Autos kommen aus California mit Original Nummernschild
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